Great charter bus drivers make a meaningful difference

We know it and we reward you for it.

When you love creating memorable journeys and the open road, you belong behind the wheel driving charters at All Aboard America. We know that after the planning is complete and the mechanics sign off on the motorcoach, a passionate charter driver is the person who makes the trip safe and unforgettable for our customers. You are the face in their photos and the name they remember. We go to great lengths to ensure that you have the support, training, and fair compensation that every charter driver deserves.

Be part of our Team

We understand the road you’ve been on… literally. You want more than just driving from Point A to Point B. You want to feel valued and be part of a community.

We know the mix of excitement and anxiety that can come with a new career — especially for a seasoned CDL driver like you. We work hard to make the process of joining our team seamless.

Once you’re here, you’ll find a warm and welcoming environment with friendly co-workers who make work feel like a second home. Imagine a career where every mile you drive is a step towards your personal and professional goals. Join us. Let’s build you a lifelong, enjoyable career.

We Support You

Our charter drivers know that every trip is a new adventure. No repetitive routes here. Since trips range from a few hours to several days, you’ll experience life on the road in a way that few other jobs can offer. Your role goes beyond just driving; you’re creating experiences, ensuring safety, and making every journey memorable. You’ll be amazed at the vital role you play in our customers’ lives as you deliver them safely to their destination.

On our team, every motorcoach operator can expect:

You deserve a great employer

You deserve an employer that values you for every trip you take, every mile you drive and every smile you earn. We bet you’ve experienced:

Endless unpredictability with schedules.

Unreliable hours eroding your financial peace of mind.

Management that treats you as expendable rather than essential.

Hear it from our Team Members

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Once you apply, here’s what happens next

You complete an application and a real human reviews it.
We call you within two business days to meet you virtually.
We schedule an interview with a drive test on the same day.
Paid training starts nearly every week.

Yes, it’s that easy. Questions? We’re here for them. Contact us at any time via call or text 480-281-0773. We value your time and interest. If your application doesn’t move forward, we will promptly inform you and, if appropriate, keep your profile for future opportunities.

A leadership team that cares

All Aboard America is different

You’ve never worked at a place like All Aboard America. Here, we understand that charter motorcoach drivers like you are the cornerstone of our business. Beyond just driving from A to B (and then, C and D!), you’re ensuring safe and enjoyable journeys for our passengers.

Your days as a charter driver for All Aboard America will be anything but monotonous. One day you might find yourself conducting a short airport transfer, navigating through the bustling city streets. The next could see you on a 10-day adventure across the southwest, exploring new landscapes, and ensuring your passengers enjoy a comfortable and safe journey. Whether it’s a 10-mile drive to the local museum or a 250-mile expedition to the Grand Canyon, your role is crucial in connecting people and places.

Unlike other companies where turnover is high due to last minute schedule changes, poor fleet maintenance and leadership shortcomings, we recognize that great operations are planned in advance. We provide a well-maintained fleet with mechanics who listen and we have built a culture that prioritizes safety above all else. We recognize your meaningful contribution to our success. When you join our team, we go to great lengths to ensure that you feel supported and receive the training and fair compensation you deserve.

You deserve an employer who values you for every mile you drive. If you’re tired of feeling undervalued and want a rewarding commercial driving career with a company that prioritizes its drivers, join us at All Aboard America and experience the difference firsthand.