Safety drives
all decisions

It’s not just a tagline – it’s our way of life.

Training starts on Day 1 and never stops

Regardless of how much experience you have prior to joining All Aboard America, you’ll complete two weeks of paid AAA Training to learn how we do things.

This paid training is incredibly important for you to understand how to be successful at All Aboard America. You’ll learn the tools, resources and processes and meet the people who will be part of your work. You may be the only one behind the wheel, but you’re never alone at All Aboard America.

Technology Drives All Process

All Aboard America uses technology to make it easier to do a great job.

You’ll utilize Samsara to complete your DVIR and track your hours-of-service.

100% of our vehicles have Samsara telematics and video monitoring installed.

Our mechanics are alerted in real-time if a sensor alarms and our drivers get a Daily Safety Score based on safe driving habits.

continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

No one is perfect. Visiting the Safety Team isn’t like going to the principal’s office. Our Safety Team is here to help and provide kudos for a job well done and coaching for opportunities to improve. We know that when you focus on getting better every day, we can continue to raise the bar for what it means to be an incredible transportation company.

Defensive Driving

Look Ahead, Look Around, Leave Room and Communicate (LLLC)

“Triple-L-C” is the world’s most effective defensive driving system to decrease accidents and lower risk throughout the workplace.

Safety Drives All Decisions

It’s easy to make decisions when you always pick the safest option. All Aboard America chooses the safer option every time.

We make big investments in:

We know it matters to our team and to our customers. When you have the right safety resources, you have peace of mind when you’re out on the road.